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Our pricing is simple - you pay per call or text. That's it!

  • phone

    Landline Charges

    Landline calls are charged at 7p per minute, mobiles at 15p per minute.

    These are maximum costs and can be much lower with volume discounts!

  • mobile

    Text Message Charges

    SMS messages are sent at 7p per message.

    This is our highest charge per message but can be much lower with volume discounts too!

  • contact

    Email Charges

    Emails are sent free of charge providing you spend a minimum of £100 in the billing month on calls and/or SMS messages.

  • Bulk Discounts

    Bulk discounts are available which could bring call and SMS messages down dramtically - and remember we have no standing charges or connection fees!! – contact us to find out more.

    That's it! No other hidden charges, just simple monthly billing with an itemised call statement.

    (calls are charged per second and rounded to the nearest penny)