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how it works

step 1

Step 1

Your leads get loaded and stored into the dialler.Your leads are loaded into the dialler, either automatically via extracts from your websites/CRM system, or from aggregator website enquiries (E.g. GoCompare, CompareTheMarket). We check for and load leads every minute so they are ready to be used in a flash.

step 2

Step 2

Leads are passed from the dialler to the call centre.The dialler calls your workplace with the leads. When your agents answer they are given the customer reference so they can bring up the customer details from your CRM system. This enables them to see the details of the customers enquiry before they actually speak to the customer.

step 3

Step 3

Agent is connected to the customer when ready.When the agent is ready they press 3.The dialler connects your agent to the customer and your agent, pre-armed with the customers details, can make a stronger sales pitch than when using a predictive dialler where they won't have seen the customers details before being connected.

step 4

Step 4

Agent completes call or it’s requeued for later use.At the end of the call the agent can either complete the lead or re-queue it on the dialler to try again at a later time. Once they hang up the dialler creates another call using the newest lead. This keeps your agent on top of the hottest leads.