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    Get a fast auto-dialler without any on-site hardware or software

    If you've got a call centre with agents and phone lines, then you've got almost everything required to start using the dialler. It's easy to get started, you'll just need to feed your leads in to the dialler and an internet connection so you can log on to your dialler account and control your flow of calls!

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    Feed your leads automatically or manually

    You submit leads into the dialler automatically by using our secure ftp method. Extract leads from your own CRM systems at intervals chosen by you and feed them into the dialler.

    • Feed leads in real-time as they are collected on your website or an aggregators website.
    • Load your leads manually using our dialler administration website.

    Whichever way you choose to feed your leads you can be sure they will be ready to be actioned by the dialler almost immediately as we check for and load leads every minute of every day!

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    Helps clean your leads

    Every lead that is loaded into the dialler goes through some basic checks to ensure you are not wasting time chasing duplicate leads or phone numbers that have been made up or don't exist.

    We check every phone number to see if it's a known bad number, premium rate number or 'not in service' number. This all helps cut down the time wasted by your agents trying to call duff leads.

    You can manage how far back the dialler will check for duplicates, so if a customer makes multiple enquiries through different sources the dialler can check if the email address or surname/postcode combination has been used recently and mark the lead as a duplicate. This again saves your agents time calling the same customer more than once for multiple enquiries.

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    Intelligent call creation keeps your call centre busy without hogging all your lines

    You choose the maximum concurrency of calls you would like the dialler to feed your call centre and the dialler feeds calls through 1 at a time up to this maximum number. Each time your call centre answers a dialler call, the dialler instantly creates another call to you until your maximum concurrency is reached. This ensures your agents are kept busy without unnecessarily hogging all your lines with dialler calls that aren't being answered. The dialler will also re-queue leads automatically for you if you can't reach the customer and retry them at a later time specified by you.

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    Automatically send e-mails and sms messages to customers

    Using our internet based dialler administration system you can use the dialler to send emails and sms messages to customers at key points of the lead life cycle.

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    Low cost, simple billing with no hidden costs

    There are no standing charges or hidden costs, all you pay for are the price of connected calls and sms messages. Emails are sent free of charge providing you spend a minimum of £100 per month on calls / sms messages otherwise an administration charge may be applied.